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We manufacture and develop premium CBD products for hundreds of businesses.
Businesses rely on our expertise, quality, and innovations for their success!
We are Kentucky’s largest hemp extractor

Not All Hemp is Created Equal

Commonwealth Extracts was founded in 2014 with one simple mission: To create a reliable supply solution with consistent, safe, high-quality products at a competitive price. At Commonwealth Extracts, we’re here to provide the direct to business sales that your business is looking for. When Commonwealth Extracts was founded, as part of a research pilot project under Kentucky Department of Agriculture, we acquired or invented all of the systems necessary to bring this concept into reality. One of the first systems that were installed, in addition to our extraction technology, was a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography system. Commonwealth Extracts felt that without real-time analytical data, all of our efforts would lack the integrity to build a solid foundation. From those humble beginnings, Commonwealth Extracts has grown into one of the largest extraction companies in the US.

Our founder, John Taylor, struggled for years with seizures, at one point taking up to 28 pills per day. John learned about alternatives to his medication and found relief in the form of a high CBD formulation which helped him become asymptomatic for 5 years. In the last ten years, he has only had four events and still takes CBD daily at a much lower dose.

Dr. Ryan McKinnie Ph.D., began consulting for Commonwealth Extracts in March of 2018. Dr. McKinnie has 8 years of experience in medicinal chemistry specializing in synthesis of synthetic cannabinoids and their primary metabolites. His dissertation focused on the development of tests to determine the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in the human body via analysis of mass spectrometry fragmentation patterns. That research led to a library that is accessible to forensic chemists looking to determine if synthetic cannabinoids are present in the samples sent to their labs. His work at Commonwealth Extracts includes method development for identification of cannabinoids using convergence chromatography, isolation and purification of cannabinoids from crude hemp extract utilizing centrifugal partition chromatography, and Δ-9-THC remediation from raw ingredients.

Our Services

We cherish relationships, we do not have ‘customers’

Hemp & CBD

Our team at Commonwealth Extracts is prepared to create specialty formulations of hemp/CBD by helping your business to find the optimal product for your needs. From there, we’ll help you to develop your ideal flavor profile, scent, or consistency.

Finished Goods

Our wholesale products include completely customizable blends that can be created with full spectrum or THC-free oil. We can produce tinctures, salves/lotions, edibles such as gummy bears and fruit chews, as well as gel caps, vape cartridges and just about any CBD retail product you would find on store shelves. We customize the product to your company’s needs.

Our Process

From sourcing to fulfillment

This 100% vertically integrated process starts at the farms, under contract, following certified organic production methods with land free of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants. This continues in our state of the art supercritical CO2 processing facility, which includes an in-house laboratory managed by a PhD Chemist for on-site, real-time analytical testing. We confirm the accuracy of our work with the use of independent third party labs for all finished goods, then it’s straight to your door!


Everything that we make is specially sourced from a contracted farmer.


This step includes our supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process.


After the extraction, we end up with the raw cannabis extract that is sometimes used in blending for formulation.


From here, we create finished goods, such as tinctures, with the raw materials.


We have a PhD chemist on staff who completes all of our on-site testing and can provide Certificates of Analysis (COA).


All of our products are made to order and can ship directly to you or your distribution center.

We manufacture the highest quality products for hundreds of brands

We don’t sell CBD, we sell trust

Commonwealth Extracts provides the highest level of products and services to create value for the clients we serve. This is done by caring professionals using innovative technology with a commitment to quality and safety.

  • KDA & USDA Compliant Certified Products
  • cGMP Certified by AIB International
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Product
  • 100% Vertically Integrated Supply Chain
  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Method
  • PhD Chemist on site
Our Products

Retail ready products for your business

Part of our production platform includes the ability to create custom products. If you have a specific product concept, let us create that item. Our team is responsive to the changing needs of this marketplace. We don’t sell CBD, we sell trust!


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