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Solid footings create a stable foundation for any industry or business

Prior to the conception of Commonwealth Extracts, both John Taylor and Kenneth Delcour had a proven track record of multiple, successful startups in a variety of new businesses and emerging industries. This keen understanding of business was pivotal in their ability to navigate the emerging hemp marketplace and create a stable, sustainable business model.

Similar to the creation of the internet there was a common theme that caused most startups to fail. This was not due to a lack of innovation or ability, but rather, most internet startups failed to have a solid understanding of the concepts necessary for the creation of a successful business model. Key fundamentals of revenue, debt reduction, fiduciary oversight, and long-term planning were overlooked or completely ignored.

John Taylor and Kenneth Delcour, the founders of Commonwealth Extracts understood business before entering the hemp space. Their careful and thorough planning mitigated most of the challenges which have been devastating to less prepared entities. Commonwealth Extracts has not been spared from many lessons which have bankrupted lesser prepared companies. Conversely, they have capitalized on these innovations which has led to the company we see today. This new hemp industry has been fortunate to have such seasoned and experienced business professionals as John and Kenneth to nurture and help provide the foundation and structure for a successful and growing industry.

Our mission

Commonwealth Extracts was founded in 2014 with one simple mission:
To create a reliable, scalable supply chain solution for the CBD product industry with safe, high-quality products at a competitive price.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t sacrifice safety for cost savings. We plan for an abundance of inventory and scalable capacity ensuring adequate supply to meet our client’s growing demand; running out is never an option! Commonwealth Extracts provides direct business to business sales that your company can depend on with safety and quality you can stand behind; guaranteed. Every hemp-extracted CBD product we formulate is made as if we were handing it to our own family.

Preparing for the future
of cutting edge

Research & Innovation

Before Commonwealth Extracts ever sold the first CBD oil product, we labored for years conducting extensive research and development to perfect our production process, which still continues today. We are committed to a path of excellence and have persevered with ongoing activities designed to drive innovation. This is evident, as Big 10 and ACC universities, National Institute of Health (NIH), and multiple other health organizations to continue to approach our organization for input and feedback in this emerging marketplace.


We strive to create a robust, reliable, safe, consistent, and scalable process that could support a growing CBD industry no matter the volume or the changing market demands. Our passion is our research as the company was founded for altruistic reasons by our owner’s own experiences with the products he developed for his personal use.

Industry Leaders

Founder, John Taylor, first learned of CBD oil when he started having debilitating Grand Mal seizures that were destroying his life and becoming near fatal in 2007. Because of his personal life-changing experience with the anecdotal benefits of CBD, John set out to learn more about hemp extraction and how he could get involved.

A few years later, he met his partner, Kenneth Delcour, at a poker tournament and began talking about his experiences and idea to bring this amazing product to the world. After months of exploratory research, John and Kenneth applied to Kentucky’s research pilot program and were approved in late 2014. It was from that horrific series of events, and subsequent discoveries, that Commonwealth Extracts was born.

Quality in everything we do

One thing that sets Commonwealth Extracts apart is our desire to achieve the highest standard of quality regardless of what is considered acceptable. This all starts at the farm with dedicated Kentucky farmers working under long term contracts using proprietary production methods and organic farming protocols. We have nearly 1,000 acres of hemp in production with an additional 60% of acres kept available for scalability. We never use pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides on our crops and only plant in fields proven to be free of heavy metals or other contaminants.

Commonwealth Extracts has invested a profound amount of capital in ensuring all our products are clean and safe. We test the soil before a farmer is selected to ensure the soil is completely clean and free of all herbicide and pesticide residues; as well as, ensuring there are no heavy metals or other contaminants that could render a crop unusable. At the factory the quality of the hemp is verified prior to processing. Every bag goes through rigorous quality assurance checks including test extraction from every batch.

Subcritical CO2 extraction methods

Many CBD companies use chemical solvents for extraction such as Ethanol or Butane due to the lower upfront costs. Commonwealth Extracts chose to invest in the Subcritical CO2 Extraction method because it produces the cleanest and most environmentally friendly product available. Subcritical CO2 extraction is by far the safest, cleanest, and most reliable extraction method available using generally recognized as safe (GRAS) process ingredients. This ensures our products are the purest and highest quality CBD available on the market today.

We also installed a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography system providing us real-time analytical data to back up the integrity of our efforts to build a solid foundation. At Commonwealth Extracts, we do not skimp on quality, purity or safety.

Scientific research & analytical laboratory

From our inception, we decided to invest in an analytical system. Without real time data, it is difficult to grade our performance in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have developed a proprietary technique that allows us more flexibility in isolating different cannabinoids. In addition to specific molecule selection and isolation, we have the ability to formulate different isolations of cannabinoids to add to various types of products. This translates into an endless selection of custom formulations we can offer our clients.

Meet the team

John Taylor

Founder / CEO

Kenneth Delcour

Founder / CFO

Certified in excellence

From the beginning, Commonwealth Extracts has gone above and beyond to seek out the highest certifications and standards available in the industry. Our facility was designed and constructed to be fully compliant with all Food & Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture’s Interim Rule and Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations.

We completed a cGMP audit certification from AIB International. This program ensures our facility meets or exceeds all recommended guidelines for food and dietary supplement manufacturers. We can make a nearly limitless variety of CBD products including tinctures, soft gel capsules, gummies, lotions, balms, salves, skincare, haircare, soaps, confectionaries, etc. and can produce those in very high volumes. From these humble beginnings, Commonwealth Extracts has grown into one of the largest extraction companies in the US.