Hemp-extracted CBD
product development

Increase ROI & grow your business with Commonwealth Extracts.

One-stop-shop white label hemp & CBD manufacturing

Businesses just starting the journey of building their hemp extract and CBD retail brands are faced with many challenges. With over 60 years of combined entrepreneurial experience, our founders John Taylor and Kenneth Delcour have built numerous successful businesses in a variety of industries and markets. Their team of like-minded and dedicated professionals have devoted thousands of hours to developing the systems and processes necessary to be successful and scalable in the CBD / Hemp extraction industry. We will walk you through every step of the process from hemp-extracted CBD product development to final packaging design. We have a broad range of talent consisting of scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, economists, marketing and business experts having extensive design and fabrication backgrounds. Let our experts develop the solutions you require!

Versatile, marketable CBD product development

Selecting the right products for your desired target audience and brand strategy are an important part of building a successful CBD business. We are a client-centric organization motivated to help you build a successful brand. We continually strive to ensure long-standing partnerships with the clients we support. Your success is our success story.

We have the ability to create custom packaged products for retail distribution. If you have a specific product concept, let our 20+ years combined experience bring that vision to life. Our team is responsive to the changing needs of this marketplace and can incorporate nearly every flavor, fragrance, or cannabinoid profile imaginable into a diverse range of product categories.

Our in-house hemp-extracted CBD product development lab can formulate nearly any combination of cannabinoids into an endless possibility of consumer CBD product uses & applications designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Local heart with international influence

Commonwealth Extracts is a worldwide provider of hemp extract and CBD products. We support major retail brands in 4 different countries and all 50 United States. Long before we ever shipped the first product we spent years researching the hemp market, best farming practices, agronomic science, genetics, as well as the processing and refinement so we fully understood every aspect of the production model. We pay attention to details both large & small to consistently produce solutions that serve our clients’ needs.

The entire team at Commonwealth Extracts embraces a culture placing great emphasis on the integrity of the product and the impact of the work they do. We treat every farm field, batch, and bottle as if it were being given to our own family. Our 100% vertically integrated process and Subcritical CO2 extraction methods allow us to ensure a pure, clean and safe product for consumers.