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We manufacture and develop premium CBD products for hundreds of businesses.

Kentucky’s largest hemp extractor

Commonwealth Extracts was founded in 2014 with one simple mission: create a reliable supply solution with consistent, safe, high-quality CBD products at a competitive price. Established as a participant of the original research pilot project under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, shortly after the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, we were the first operational extraction facility in the state of Kentucky.

Since that time we have acquired, engineered and fabricated all of our systems to bring this company from a proof of concept to a full scale operational facility. Our current infrastructure includes a 133,000 sq ft facility with the largest extraction and refinement equipment in the southeast United States. Our innovative team has the tools, know-how, and ability to supply any needs your company or brand requires; continually upgrading and expanding, adding additional lines and “product suites.” We have complete scalability as we have scaled multiple times in the last few years and will continue to do so as the market and customer needs dictate.

Reliable supply chain operations

When you are dealing with Mother Nature you have to be prepared for anything and everything to eliminate any uncertainty in a supply chain. We began by creating a network of long term contracted KY hemp farmers, a strict system of testing and quality assurance backed by a 100% guarantee. Our products are pure, safe & can be traced back from the bottle to the batch, bag, farm and field in which it was planted.

Commonwealth Extracts has long term contracts with Kentucky hemp farmers who operate nearly 1,000 acres of farmland across the bluegrass state. We’ve steadily increased our growing operations and strive for an overabundance of the crop to avoid shortages. We control all aspects of processing and production through the supply chain from the soil to shelf. Shortages in inventory, staff, or capacity are not an option at Commonwealth Extracts.

Consistent, dependable ingredients

At Commonwealth Extracts, we have invested a profound amount of cost, research, and testing to ensure our hemp extract CBD products are safe. Our hemp farming contracts enforce a strict standard of organic farming methods and quality assurance. Every farm’s material is first test extracted and a full panel COA confirms the purity before it is moved into the main extraction process.

Our rigorous testing protocols, along with a system of checks and balances, are performed in multiple steps along the process to ensure the integrity and consistency our clients count on. We follow all current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and have an audited verification of our process controls. Our process adheres to all regulations issued by the Food & Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture’s Interim Rules for Hemp, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, State, and Local requirements allowing us to expand our product offering into more markets than our competitors. 100% compliance – 100% of the time!

Seamless transition from your
existing hemp extraction processor

In today’s market, businesses expect value, quality, consistency, and reliability from a supply partner. If you’re experiencing pitfalls, delays, shortages, inconsistencies, or other pains working with your existing hemp extract supplier Commonwealth Extracts can help make any transition seamless and simple. Bring us your existing CBD Oil or Hemp Oil product and our team can test and match the potency, fragrance, and flavor profile of any product you currently have in production.

Don’t let your current supply pain limit your ability to grow your business. Our clients can count on 100% reliability & transparency in their supply chain when trusting Commonwealth Extracts with their supply requirements.

Planning for your future growth

Our facility was constructed with the ability to easily add production lines to our existing infrastructure in a timely and cost-effective manner. If your future growth or product launch is dependent on a consistent, reliable, and transparent supply chain we have the answers and solutions you can count on to build a successful brand in the CBD marketplace.