Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction

Zero Solvents, Zero Chemicals, 100% Clean Hemp Extraction.

Extraction Methods

At Commonwealth Extracts, just meeting standard requirements isn’t enough; our minimums are to exceed expectations in both quality and safety. We understand the importance of a pure, clean hemp extract free from contaminants that could potentially cause harm. That’s why we only use Subcritical CO2 Extraction Methods for all our hemp extracted CBD products.

Subcritical CO2 hemp extraction is used to separate various cannabinoids from the hemp plant because it produces a pure, clean and safe product. Carbon dioxide reaches into small spaces like a gas and to dissolves, acting similar to a liquid solvent.

This allows Commonwealth Extracts to isolate and extract very specific cannabinoids from the hemp plant to produce the purest, highest quality and safest CBD extract possible. Furthermore, Commonwealth Extracts has developed a solvent-free method for purification and an all down channel process, utilizing Subcritical CO2 ensuring a pure, clean product.

Benefits of Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction

There are several benefits to using Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction methods. This method gives Commonwealth Extracts more control over the process and, as a result, more control over safety. Further, the CO2 can be reused and recycled making it more environmentally friendly than other extraction methods. CO2 serves as a cleaning agent which destroys any microbial bacteria, molds and/or contaminants during the hemp extraction process. This method also produces a higher yield in extract versus some of the pressed, chemical extraction methods.

Why Subcritical CO2 Hemp Extraction?

During the extraction process, hemp biomass gets concentrated via Subcritical CO2 into the various oils that we have available for sale. Using CO2 allows us to be very selective in the compounds we are extracting. For a comparison, CO2 is like a scalpel whereas Ethanol or hydrocarbons are more like a sledgehammer; all three can extract, but only CO2 has the element of selectivity in this process. Having the ability to selectively remove and manipulate specific molecules is another benefit of choosing subcritical fluid extraction over other methods. That’s why we only use subcritical CO2 extraction methods to achieve the cleanest, purest product on the market as our products never come into contact with any harmful chemical agents throughout the process.
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled Subcritical CO2 Extraction safe for industrial extractions. This makes extracts obtained using this method viable for the food and beverage, medicinal and cosmetic industries. It is guaranteed not to leave any residual solvents or chemicals in the final product. If there is any CO2 residue on the extract, it will evaporate because CO2 acts as a gas at room temperature. This makes for the most pure, safe hemp extract on the market.
  • CO2 is Recyclable & Environmentally Friendly
  • CO2 Cleans Out Microbial Bacteria, Molds & Contaminants
  • Easily Controllable & Produces a Higher Yield
  • FDA Safe for Food, Beverage, Medical and Cosmetic Use
  • Guaranteed No Residual Solvents or Chemicals
  • Clean, Pure, Safe Hemp Extraction Guaranteed

Custom hemp extract formulations

The team here at Commonwealth Extracts is uniquely capable of creating specialty hemp extract formulations for our clients. Our in-house cannabinoid research and development laboratory has developed a proprietary hemp extraction process that maximizes our ability to isolate specific combinations of cannabinoids. We can develop nearly any CBD product formulation our clients need. From there, we will assist you in developing your ideal flavor profile, scent, or consistency.

Our wholesale products include completely customizable blends that can be created with either full spectrum or THC-free CBD oil. We can manufacture a nearly endless possibility of CBD oil products. From CBD oils, confectionaries, gummies, lotions, balms, skincare, haircare, and soft gel capsules; as well as, CBD pet treats, vape cartridges, and just about any CBD retail product you would find on store shelves. If you already have a CBD brand, we can match your specific formulation, flavor or scent with consistency that you and your customers rely on.

Innovating the hemp industry from soil to extraction

Quality is in everything we do at Commonwealth Extracts and it all starts with great farmers planting in clean soil and following organic protocols. We’ve taken years of painstaking research to develop a 100% vertically integrated process that allows us to control quality at every aspect from the field to the final product. Every batch is in-house and third-party lab tested, backed by certificates of analysis, for quality & potency.

Great Long Term Contracted cGAP Certified Farmers

Commonwealth Extracts pays a great deal of attention to how our hemp is grown and where. We have long term contracts with dedicated farmers tending nearly 1,000 acres across Kentucky. Our Kentucky Proud hemp farmers grow a proprietary strain of hemp, which our founder and CEO, John Taylor, acquired exclusive rights to in Colorado. This resilient genetic strain of Cannabis, CBDRX Cherry, has a profound cannabinoid profile allowing Commonwealth Extracts to create a large array of product formulations. In addition, all Commonwealth Extract hemp farmers plant clones which further ensures a predictable, consistent product every time.

100% Vertically Integrated Process

There are less expensive ways to extract hemp using ethanol, hydrocarbons, or other caustic substances. Our decision to use CO2 fluid extraction was not motivated by minimizing upfront capital expenses, but rather a mindset of producing the safest, most environmentally friendly, and sustainable products available in the market today. There are zero solvents, toxic chemicals, or harmful agents added to our hemp during the extraction and refinement process. This investment in infrastructure allows Commonwealth Extracts’ products to be produced in such a way as to eliminate any chance of residual solvents, harmful contaminants, or other elements that could cause harm to our clients or end-users.