On The Farm

Commonwealth Extracts’
Kentucky Hemp Farms

As seasons change, Commonwealth Extracts is always preparing for the next crop of Hemp. We plan for every contingency so our clients never have to worry about supply shortages. Our long-term, contracted Kentucky Hemp farmers plant in clean soil tested for chemicals and pollutants and using organic growing practices. Our greenhouses are stocked with clones of our proprietary, genetic strain of hemp ensuring a consistent cannabinoid profile in every plant. Our process is 100% vertically integrated ensuring we control the safety and purity of our products every step of the way from soil to shelf.

Winter Initial Planning & Preparation

Cloning is finished, but all greenhouses are full with cuttings.

Spring Early Growth Season

Planting – This is when the field labor loads up on setters and thousands of plants are set.

Summer Mid-Growth Season

The plants have filled in and all space between plants are filled in. The plants still look bright green, and leafy.

Autumn Harvest Season

Plants are two weeks from harvest and have large flowers developed.

Check back often for more real-time, seasonal farm photos and videos.