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Founder / CFO

Kenneth Delcour

Kenneth Delcour can best be described as a maverick who has always charted his own course in life and in business. He is a self-made, successful businessman and entrepreneur with a diverse background in a wide range of industries. He’s always been a hard worker and happy to work. Growing up his family didn’t have extra money to give so he knew he had to earn it. But working has always come easy to Kenneth.

His entrepreneurial spirit emerged very early when he acquired 4 paper routes when he was just a young boy. Kenneth decided to hire a few other boys to deliver the papers and paid them as well as himself, earning near the same wage as before.

Early Entrepreneurial Successes

Kenneth began his career in real estate when he purchased his first single-family home, with earnings from the paper routes, a lawn service and working on other’s homes when he was only seventeen years old and living at home. He remodeled and later rented that house out while working as a tool and die operator at a small, local factory. That was the beginning of his very successful and lucrative career in business, real estate development, and entrepreneurialism.

He continued buying houses, renting or flipping them (before the term was coined) for the next 41 years. To this day, Kenneth is still a licensed realtor in Louisville, KY and has continued to acquire, lease and sell a diverse portfolio of real estate holdings ranging from residential properties and developments to commercial warehouses, retail locations, and other industrial properties.

At age nineteen, Kenneth bought and sold a successful laundromat/dry cleaner business and later a very successful printing company where he was the salesman as well as the owner for both companies. By the time Kenneth was twenty-two years old he was working only for himself and never looked back.

Kenneth attended the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering for two years thinking he would expand on his knowledge of the tool and die industry until his business ventures made him so busy he literally could not afford the cost in time and lost revenue to continue his formal education. While his classmates were attending college courses and working part-time jobs, Kenneth was buying, managing, and selling businesses creating the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial career.

In the mid-90s, Kenneth began building some of the first self-storage properties in Louisville, KY. This continued for the next 20 years as he developed a total of seven properties in Jefferson and surrounding counties which recently culminated in the highest price ever paid for the sale of 4 that he owned. Kenneth has had tremendous success in this area due to his business and marketing savvy and keen understanding of demographics. According to Kenneth “Everyone thinks you can get rich in the storage business, but you’ve got to earn it. Build it and fill it up. Nothing happens fast. ” Currently, Kenneth is involved in land acquisition, design, construction, and leasing of apartments and commercial real estate; as well as, Vice-President and CFO of Commonwealth Extracts with his partner, John Taylor.

An Opportunity to Give Back

Over the years Kenneth’s hobbies and interests have spanned over half a dozen industries including his current hobby of raising cattle. When John Taylor came to him talking about helping people and making a difference in their lives, he saw an opportunity to give back to the world after all the success he’s enjoyed.

Kenneth’s analytical and fiscal experience has been invaluable to Commonwealth Extracts. His ability to immediately assess and evaluate financial scenarios and possible issues has embodied the success and growth of Commonwealth Extracts. As a result of Kenneth and John’s self-funded, fiscally responsible management Commonwealth Extracts has always been solid and stable without relying on investment funds, venture capitalists or seed money.

Thanks to Kenneth’s successful assessments and years of entrepreneurial experience, Commonwealth Extracts has been able to meet customer demands, changing markets, changing regulations and capital equipment needs while concurrently funding cGMP and other quality assurance certifications and licensing allowing them to serve broader markets. “In a new market like this, you have to go slow. Find out what you’re going to be doing, what it’s going to take and do a lot of the work yourself” says Kenneth. “You have to do it on time and you have to practice the gold standards.”

The Future of Commonwealth Extracts

As the future for Commonwealth Extracts unfolds, Kenneth sees a bright future in a variety of consumer markets and potential medical benefits. Commonwealth Extracts hopes to make these products available to more people around the world by expanding into health and beauty, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical applications in various mainstream markets. Kenneth’s forward-looking attitude continues today as he looks ahead to Commonwealth Extracts’ involvement in medicinal research ranging from how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body to the possible benefits on cancer research as well as other common ailments which affect many people today.

Kenneth is currently in talks with several large companies and universities including the National Institute of Health. He hopes that 5-10 years from now, after more research and use of modern technology, more people will know about the tremendous uses for these products and how they affect the body.