Our process

Developed over years of intense research with a commitment to the highest quality standards, transparency and traceability.

From the beginning, Commonwealth Extracts has been dedicated to developing the best, most reliable process. We are 100% vertically integrated, which means we control 100% of what goes into our products from soil to packaging. We use only Subcritical CO2 fluid extraction processes in our state-of-the-art, cGMP certified facility. This ensures our products are pure and safe.

Commonwealth Extracts is a full-service, CBD Hemp extraction and product development company. We offer custom product formulations and development, packaging and logistics. We can handle any size order and have worldwide relationships with brands both large and small.

USDA Compliance

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture was the program by which the USDA rules were modeled. Our crop meets, or exceeds the threshold for compliance testing according to the USDA Interim rule of Total THC testing; less than 0.30% total THC, fully decarboxylated.

Proprietary Genetics

Our unique strain of hemp flower withstands a variety of stressful conditions ensuring consistent crop yields with the highest potency, purity and quality available.

Agronomic Production

Specially sourced from long term contracted cGAP Kentucky farmers we follow certified organic production methods and only plant on lands which have proven to be free of heavy metals and residual pesticides, fungicide, and herbicides.

Toll Processing and Research & Development for Specific/Individual Extractions

• We offer the service of tolling Biomass to T-Free and everything in between!
• We also offer the ability to remove solvents from T-Free if your crude contains ethanol.
• We also have the ability to remove all pesticides from all types of materials.
R&D Research
• We have the capability of doing small scale and pilot scale R&D for all types of CO2 products.
• We also have the ability and know how to build CO2 infrastructure for your needs!
• If the R&D is proven successful, we have the ability to toll for you.

Extraction and Refinement

We use Subcritical CO2 for all extraction and refinement. We produce products using 100% GRAS (generally recognized as safe) process ingredients; and a solvent-less process. We are also a Kosher Certified manufacturing facility.

Our facility has been audit certified for current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) through AIB International, and has a working HACCP plan in place to ensure the safety and integrity for all of the products we produce for our clients.

Compounding and Formulation

Our team can blend and formulate based on your specific needs. This includes bulk ingredients as a part of your manufacturing process or a finished blend ready to be packaged at our facility or yours.


Our facility has a lab for on-site testing. All formulations are verified through certified independent, third party laboratories. All products produced come with a Specification Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Certificate of Insurance, and Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Packaging and
Logistical Support

At Commonwealth Extracts, we offer complete flexibility in packaging. We provide products in bulk containers delivered to your facility, or co-packer, to meet your exact requirements. We also provide products in retail-ready consumer packaging as a part of our service. In other words, we can provide as much, or as little, help to fulfill your specific goals.

Our strategic location in Louisville, KY gives us an advantage in providing “just in time” logistical support with a global range. UPS Worldport is located 15 minutes from our facility and makes a great partner for logistical support; fulfillment service companies are also in abundant supply.