Toll Processing

Remove solvents and pesticides from your crude and toll Biomass to T-Free and everything in between!

Need lower cost of T-Free?

Are you a big player in the market and need sub-market pricing on bulk materials? Here at Commonwealth we can build dedicated equipment that is guaranteed to produce sub market priced products for your company! Inquire Today!

Subcritical CO2 Remediation & Toll Processing

Commonwealth Extracts specializes in pesticide remediation & mitigation through Subcritical CO2 processing! We process your biomass in our world-class cGMP & Kosher certified facility. We offer the ability to remove solvents from T-Free if your crude contains ethanol. We also have the ability to remove all pesticides from all types of materials. Contact us today for more information!

High Purity Extractions

Leaders in the field of Subcritical CO2 processing Commonwealth Extracts provide the highest level of services to create value for the clients we serve. This is done by caring professionals using cutting-edge technology with a commitment to quality and safety. Our Subcritical CO2 process does not use chemicals or solvents.

CO2 Tolling

We have the ability to toll a variety of compounds in CO2 to create various extracts.

CO2 Pesticide Remediation

We have the ability to remove pesticides from any botanical extract.

CO2 Research & Development

We have the ability to take on any research project that involves extraction and separation.

Please inquire about our other CO2 services.

  • High Purity Extractions
  • FDA & cGMP Certified
  • Organic Process
  • USDA Compliant Certified Products
  • 100% Vertically Integrated Supply Chain
  • Subcritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction & Separation Method – No Solvents!
  • Delta 8 THC Remediation
  • CBN Remediation
  • CBC Remediation
  • Chemical Decarb Retains Terpenes